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Jul. 22nd, 2010

MAC and Nars Haul

Sephora by OPI Call your Mother and Read my palm, NARS dolce vita lipgloss, MAC trace gold blush, and MAC scorcher nail polishSephora by OPI Call your mother and read my palm, NARS dolce vita lipglass, NARS charade duo, MAC scorcer nail polish, MAC trace gold blush, MAC ravishing lipstick, MAC crosswires lipstickI really LOVE all the items I got! My favorites of the bunch are NARS Dolce Vita lipgloss, MAC scorcher nail polish, and MAC crosswires lipstick. Dolce Vita was very pigmented, gives off a pink/purple berry color. I don't need to wear a lipstick under this, it provides all the color. 

Scorcher is my first and only MAC nail polish. I was a bit wary of MAC nail polishes since I have heard a lot of negative reviews concerning pigmentation and duration and basically quality. After trying this, I am POSITIVE I will be expanding my MAC nail polish collection! I love this! I love the texture! Goes on smooth and yes, it is sheer, need a couple coats to get it to the color of the bottle, but I LOVE IT! I actually like it better than my Sephora by OPI nail polishes! It just goes on easier and smoother, less bubbles, and feels better on my nails. I can't really explain it. I would also like to say that I am a horrible nail painter, I take FOREVER to do my nails. I always mess up because the Sephora by Opi texture is thick, but not opaque enough to only do one coat. By the time I do the second coat, I messed them up, the paint ruined, nails chipped...disaster. The MAC one dries faster because it is thinner in consistency and it is pretty pigmented. I still do two sometimes three coats, just like with Sephora by OPI. It just depends on the polish. Either way, Scorcher is my favorite nail polish so far. I recommend MAC nail polishes...of course I will not stop buying Sephora by OPI nail polishes (one because MAC's nail polish collection is quite small, and two, because HELLO!, OPI has the cutest names! :) ).

For MAC crosswires, what can I say. I am a neutrals girl, never stray from pinks and berry's that basically my lips but better. Since it is Summer and since I am beginning to be a MAC, Sephora junkee/veteran, I became interested in color. I wanted something with color but not completely over the top. After doing research on temptalia and on makeupalley, I decided on crosswires and I am glad I got it. It is a red with pink undertones, or pink with red undertones. lol. It provides a nice color for my face without looking scandalous or attracting too much attention. I thought it would be hard to pull off color on me since I never have, but crosswires looked lovely! Definitely another love!

P.s. On a more recent haul, I went to MAC and bought entice and lust lipglass, honesty eyeshadow, and sweetie the top of my head, I think that's it. From Sephora, I picked up NARS nepal eyeshadow, and Sephora by Opi's let's do lunch, and some other pink one. My interest in nail polishes is really starting to pick up. I might post pics at a later time. I really love entice lipglass, a creamy, orangey, peachy color. Love. Lust reminds me a lot like viva glam v, but non shimmery, and creamy. Honesty eyeshadow is lovely as well, a golden brown glittery eyeshadow. I can wear it on its own but I like the way it looks over an eyeshadow better. So far, I have only worn let's do lunch and it is a beautiful peachy pink color. Love.

Thank you for reading. As always, want swatches, more specific reviews/details, leave a message :D

NARS graduation MAC haul

So these are items that I bought a WHILE ago; going as far back as May. Here are the pics. Recently (like a week ago), I bought more stuff but didn't have the chance to take pics. I will do another post after this.
Graduation Order from Nars websiteGiza lipgloss, Barbarella lipstick, and Gina blush
So my college graduation was coming up, and I had been religiously watching missglamorazzi's youtube ( videos. She did a LOVELY look called something like "picnic at the park"  and she used Giza lipgloss, gina blush, and barbarella lipstick as her key items. It was such a lovely look that I knew I had to do that look for graduation. I had to order from the Nars website, as Gina blush is only available on the NARS website, not on Sephora. I didn't want to have to order from two different places, so I just ordered everything from NARS website ( I sacrificed my sephora beauty points :( ). In my order, NARS was so nice, that they included a mini laguna bronzer! It came in what is typically the single eyeshadow pans. The NARS lipstick is dissapointedly sheer, you really have to layer it on to get color. On the bright side, it is quite hydrating. The lipgloss was lovely, but I didn't like it at first. I am used to MAC texture and so it was hard to get adjusted.  Before even opening the tube, I was concerned about the smell that many people claim NARS lip products have. I had heard many people comment how the lipglosses smell/taste something along the lines of burned plastic. Eww. Luckily, I found no trace of that. There was no scent, and it was not sticky. I fell in love with it so much that I decided I would definitely buy more. They don't last as long as MAC lipglasses though, I guess because they are not as sticky. They are really expensive but I would keep buying. The last item and probably most favorite, is Gina blush. It is in the top two of my favorite blushes. It is a nice change than the pop of different pink blushes I own, and now I find myself wearing this blush more than any other blushes I own. All the items shown, are a pretty peachy pink color. I could definitely go on and on and in more detail about each item. So if you have questions about any item. Feel free to ask away. Thank you for reading.

p.s. So this was my first time ordering from the NARS website and I was worried because I didn't know where it would come from, if it would get here on time. The delivery service was all in all, awesome! It came with tracking, I could check on it all the time and check progress, it was flown, driven...took about a week. I was impressed because I thought it would take two weeks or more. I recommend their online service. Hey guess what I heard from Temptalia, NARS freestanding stores coming in November. Eek!! Excited!

Mar. 29th, 2010

Makeup collection

So my makeup collection is very modest, but man has it grown since pre youtube! These are some old pics, I've gotten a few items since but still, you get the idea.Like I said, tiny, especially when compare to youtubers, but it's growing. I do want a lot more, but not as much as those youtubers do. That is just too much makeup! How do they do it, I do not want my makeup to waste, but makeup is an addiction, so I understand. lol. I love my makeup spot, it's so girly and just staring at it makes me happy. lol. I won't get too specific, start listing names or anything like that, maybe another time, just wanted to post some pics of my modest collection ;) Oh, I do have the Book of Shadows palette (volume 1), but blah.
p.s. Oh! I started to venture out of MAC and try out NARS. So far I have four items: Albatross blush, Laguna bronzer, Cyprus eyeshadow, and Ondine eyeshadow. So far, I LOVE it all. At first I felt like I was betraying my beloved MAC, because the textures of these eyeshadows are like WHOA, but I still love my MAC. Plus, NARS doesn't have that much stuff. I do want more NARS items, but just a couple hundreds worth (just, lol), while my mac list can probably be multiplied by 10x that. LOL. Makeup, it's addicting. I'll do a review on Nars products sometime later on, when I have more. I don't think that's anytime soon though.


So yesterday was my birthday, I turned 22! I had a great time, got to spend it with my loved ones. My hubby was so sweet, took me shopping and then to Disney, and then to a family party. I love Disney! Am I too old to say that? LOL. Anyways, I just have to add in how fortunate I am to have a hubby like I do. He takes a lot of crap from me and does a lot for me. I love him so much. He really is special. It's been a journey with him, we've been together since I was 15, we've really just grown up together. Can't wait to spend many more years with him, till we grow old and have the whole 'Notebook" thing going on...well you know, minus the whole memory loss and separation (by the way, my heart goes out to all those who have lost a loved one from a serious disease, I know what that is like), just the love. Actually, I want us to have our own love, not what you see in the movies, our very own, secret type of love. Anyways, just wanted to quickly blog about that. See ya :)

Feb. 10th, 2010

MAC haul

I stopped by the MAC counter yesterday, and I picked up a few things. I usually am the type to stay away from limited edition items, just to save myself the heartbreak of running out of my beloved items and not being able to replace it. I finally decided to give in, and my trip to the counter ended up with me picking up mostly limited edition items. I picked up 5N liptick, spirit & soul and 2N tinted lipglass, soothing beige tinted lip conditioner ( I am really impressed with how pigmented it is), all races eyeshadow, personal style blush, 316 lip brush (this thing is so cool!), 109 brush, and drum rolls please...the 130! The 130 is not even available on the website! This was an impulse purchase, but I am sure I will find a use for this brush.

MAC haul,  5N liptick, spirit & soul and 2N tinted lipglass, soothing beige tinted lip conditioner, all races eyeshadow, personal style blush, 316 lip brush, 109 brush, the 130 brushMAC haul,  5N liptick, spirit & soul and 2N tinted lipglass, soothing beige tinted lip conditioner, all races eyeshadow, personal style blush, 316 lip brush, 109 brush, the 130 brush